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"OK, so what's this thing gonna look like when I'm done?"  I'm glad you asked.  Edward West has kindly provided some digital pictures of the preamp and microphone he built using the kit.  As you can see from these pictures, he has done a fine job indeed!

Click on the thumbnails for a full size image.

The kit right out of the box.
Assembled printed circuit board.
Assembled board placed into project box.
Assembled board with wiring and external connections.
Assembled board with wiring and external connections (camera flash).
Assembled board, showing detail of switch and connector wiring.
Detail of microphone capsule wiring and coiled strain relief.
Assembled microphone.
Close-up detail of microphone mounting and BNC connector.
Completed preamplifier and microphone...ready to use!

Notice that Edward has chosen to use a BNC connection for the microphone (i.e. mic cable and preamp case), and an RCA connection for the preamplifier output.  A nice detail, I must say, which prevents inadvertently hooking up the equipment incorrectly.

Here is a collection of all the images associated with the preamp project, which are scattered throughout these pages.  All are available here for easy downloading.

transistor lead preparation:   xsistor_prep.gif
project box:   str_relief.gif
panel drilling guide:   drill_guide.gif
microphone wand:   mic_wand.gif
wiring the switch:   switch.gif
stripping coaxial cable for a BNC plug:   coax_strip.gif
assembling BNC cable:   coax&BNC.gif

schematic:    schematic.gif
schematic (large):    sch_large.gif
printed circuit board composite view:   pcb_comp.gif
printed circuit board copper layer:   copper.gif
printed circuit board silkscreen layer:   silkscrn.gif

amplitude/phase response of preamp (high gain):   fr_hi_gain.gif
amplitude/phase response of preamp (low gain):   fr_lo_gain.gif
mic frequency response comparison:   mic_fr.gif
averaged mic frequency response:   mic_fr_avg.gif
max mic frequency response deviation:   mic_fr_dev.gif
mic phase response comparision:   mic_phase.gif

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