Just random photos I've taken, in no particular order.

  Okay, so maybe there is some order.  I'm proud of this one.
No, I don't have a light-triggered shutter on my cheapo digital camera.  I got lucky. 
  Another example of nature's beauty.

A modified Aria 5 loudspeaker (Zalytron kit) integrated into a tower enclosure with a side-mounted 12" Eclipse subwoofer.  Spent a lot of time on these babies.  4" ported subwoofer with chamfered inlet/outlet.  Separate internal volumes for the MTM and subwoofer (obviously).  Flush-mounted drivers.  Tri-amplification input binding post terminals.  Top octave contour switch for tweeter.  Stained and varnished cabinet with 1" thick walls layered of three materials with internal bracing.  High-quality crossover components.

Revised:  October 11, 2003
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